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Township DeptsOrdinance Enforcement   

    Ted Jahn

(810) 987-6600 x 13 

Office Hours

Generally available Wednesdays in the office until 10:30 am for meetings, walk-ins and phone calls.

All complaints must include caller's name, return phone number, caller's address, address of complaint, if known, and/or location of that property in relationship to callers.

If I am not available, please stop at the counter across from my office and speak with Amy Hurd, the Permit Tech

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing all ordinances within the Township.  It is the responsibility of the Code Enforcement Officer to investigate complaints and/or possible violations in order to improve conditions within the Township that are detrimental to property values, health and the general good of the Township. Some of the more common ordinance violations are listed below.

  • Rundown or abandoned homes and buildings, abandoned or junk vehicles, trash and household debris
  • Animal Control - illegal farm animals, unlicensed dogs
  • Tall grass and/or noxious vegetation
  • Parking Violations - fire lane enforcement
  • Business License Violations
  • Zoning Permit Violations
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