Parks Department


RV Park Manager

Diane Goble

Phone: 810-982-6765

Cell: 810-650-0512

Beach Rd. Park Manager
Don Duman

Hoover Park Manager
Vicky McCue


Parks Commission Members
Dave Barnum

Nancy Collins

Carolyn Crowe

Cherry Morris, Secretary

Tim Sassanella

Malisse Whitmore

Port Huron Township 

Little League

(810) 858-0452

The Park Commission has authority to acquire, maintain, manage and control township parks and places of recreation, including bathing beaches, and has the authority to condemn land for such purposes in accordance with the condemnation laws of the State. It may accept, in the name of the township, gifts, grants and devises of land suitable for parks and places of recreation, and gifts and bequests of money for the acquisition and improvement of land for these purposes.


Park Commission Meeting Dates

JANUARY 8, 2020

FEBRUARY 5, 2020

MARCH 4, 2020

APRIL 1, 2020

MAY 6, 2020

JUNE 3, 2020

JULY 1, 2020

AUGUST 5, 2020


OCTOBER 7, 2020

NOVEMBER 4, 2020

DECEMBER 2, 2020

RV PARK OPENING:  The Port Huron Township RV Park is now open for the 2020 season. 

Online reservations are for daily and weekly reservations only.  If you wish to book monthly or seasonal please contact the park manager.