Heritage Museum

Welcome to the Port Huron Township Heritage Museum page. The museum is located behind the Port Huron Township office at 3800 Lapeer Rd. If you are interested in local history and would like to be a part of our museum committee, please let us know. We will be working towards getting the museum organized and open to the public.

Museum History

Built over 40 years ago, the Malane School was originally located at the corner of Ravenswood and Minnesota Roads. In the 1800's the schoolhouse was moved to the corner of Michigan and Ravenswood, where the Malane family owned a farm. It remained an active school until the mid 1950's.
Malane Schoolhouse
In 1996, Township officials moved the schoolhouse to 3800 Lapeer Road behind the Township offices with the vision of creating the Port Huron Township Museum.

Over the years, the Museum has received numerous donations including various Grand Trunk Railroad memorabilia, photographs, sales catalogues from township businesses, tools and school record books. In 1994 Robert Kohlhagen contributed a 1919 grain thresher which was manufactured in the Township.

Grand Trunk CabooseThe 1951 Caboose was donated to the Township by Howard Stein in 2008. It was sandblasted and painted by Rick Cornette of LRL Sandblasting & Painting.The rails were donated by Acheson Ventures.

Museum volunteers, Jim Radatz, Jim Robinson, Tim Radatz, Kimberley Radatz, Rick Cornette, Tom Dobson and Bob Nickles, removed all the old flooring and rotten wood and helped to move it to its current location. The interior was restored to that of a working caboose.

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