Utilities Department

Monday - Friday
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Utilities Department

Final Billings $15.00
Turn On/Off (normal hours) $30.00
Turn On/Off (after hours) $125.00
New Meter 3/4" (replacement) $250.00
Fire Hydrant Use (up to 5,000 gallons) $50.00
Hourly labor charge (after hours) $45.00

Rates (Effective 1/1/24):


Each 100 cuft  = $4.457 (Senior Citizen = $3.121)
Ready to Serve Charge = $52.09 per quarter (Senior Citizen = $36.50)

Residential Sewer

$96.53 per quarter flat rate (sewer usage is not metered)

Refuse Charges

$58.25 per quarter

Pay Bills & Fees Online

The first time paying your utility bills online, you must click on "Pay Utility Bills" and register. 

Check you account balance or make a payment 24/7.  If you make payments online using your checking or savings account, please be sure to allow at least 2 - 3 business days for processing by Invoice Cloud and your bank.  Payments not approved by the due date may result in a late fee.  

Pay Utility Bills By Telephone

Utility bill payments, call 1-855-786-4106.  On the first call, you will register on the automated phone payments system so that future payments are just 4 steps.

Utility bill payments must be received on or before the due date to avoid incurring a 10% penalty.  Postmark will no longer be accepted.

Pay Utility Bills By Text

Get text notifications about your bill and have the option to pay through text message with your default payment method (sign up when making an online payment or within your account).


The 2020 Drinking Water Quality Report is now available.

If you would like to have a copy mailed to you, contact the Township at (810) 987-6600 x 21 or email

Before You Dig

Call Miss Dig at 800-482-7171 or 811 It's the Law!

Michigan's Utility Color Codestext

If you notice flags in your yard or along the roadway, it is an indicator that someone is planning to perform underground construction in that area. The color of the flag indicates the type of utility that has been marked.

Know Your Meter!

a close-up of a mechanical deviceThe water meter measures the amount of water that is used in the household. It is usually located in a basement, crawl space, utility closet or laundry room. On the outside of the house is a remote reader that is wired to the meter and allows the meter readers to obtain a reading without entering the house. The meter measures water usage in cubic feet. Each cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons. Reading your water meter is much like reading the odometer of a car. For billing purposes, only the first four digits on the left are used.

Checking for Leaks

Turn off all faucets on both the interior and exterior of the home/building. If the meter is equipped with a diamond or triangle shaped leak detector and it is stationary, there is no leak: however, if it moves at all, there is a leak present. If the meter is not equipped with the type of leak detector described above, watch the red needle for a minute or two. If it moves without water being used through one of the faucets, a leak exists.

Leaky Toilet? Silent But Costly

Toilet leaks can be silent but very costly over a short period of time. The best defense against these leaks is routine maintenance of the various parts of your toilet. In order to see if your toilet is leaking, place food coloring or a powdered drink in the back of the toilet tank (in order to change the color of the water) and wait 30 minutes. Do not flush!

If any of the colored water enters the toilet bowl (without flushing)--your toilet is leaking. At this time, you need to examine the flush valve (“flapper’) and the refill valve--they may need repair or replacement. Also, be sure to check the water level in the tank so that it is not entering the overflow tube when not in use.

Senior Citizens            

Are you 65 years of age or older, own and occupy your own home, and have an annual household income of $23,000 or less? You may qualify for our reduced Senior Citizen Water Rate. To obtain an application, or should you have questions, contact the Water Office at (810) 987-6600.


PDF Icon New Owner Application for Utility Services
PDF Icon Refuse Suspension Affidavit
PDF Icon Senior Citizen Rate Application

Links and More Information

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Water Office