Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery
3800 Lapeer Road
Port Huron Township, MI 48060

In 1886 the Woodland Cemetery Association was organized.  
Edward F. Percival, Edgar White, William R. Mulford, Dr. C. M. Stockwell, Frederick L. Wells and Philo Truesdall were the six directors of the association appointed to a committee to select and purchase land. Woodland Cemetery Port Huron Township 1949 They obtained 20 acres in Section 5 and Section 8 in Port Huron Township lying north of the old Port Huron and Lapeer Plank Road for $2,000 but the whole property of the association including the 20 acres bought and 70 optioned originally contained over 89 acres.

The last recorded meeting of the association was held in 1901 with Edward F. Percival as secretary.  For many years after that the Shirts family took over the operation of the cemetery.  On February 25, 1949 the land and all of the assets of the Woodland Cemetery Association were conveyed and transferred to Port Huron Township.

Many members of prominent old Port Huron families are buried in Woodland Cemetery including the Harrington, Percival, Wells, White, Mulford, Sweitzer and Botsford families.  Woodland Cemetery ColumbariumAlso buried here is Stephen T. Probett who built our first High School; Captain William W. Brownleee who sailed the seas and who, it is said, brought one of the first cargoes from Europe to San Francisco; and Charles A. Bailey, the man who organized the first natural gas company in the city.


Winter wreaths, grave blankets, flowers, decorations, etc. are to be removed by March 15th.

Summer flowers, pots, shepherd hooks, baskets, etc. are to be removed by October 15.

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