Assessing Department

3800 Lapeer Road
Port Huron Township, MI 48060
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm
Except for Holidays
Kim Riedel
Penny Simpson
Deputy Clerk/Assessor Assistant

The Assessor's office in Port Huron Township is responsible for not only those responsibilities listed for assessors in the General Property Tax Act of the State of Michigan but also the maintaining of property descriptions and record cards, ownership updating and addressing, working with other governmental departments, and assisting citizens by answering questions they may have concerning properties in the township.

Briefly, the responsibilities in law include:

  • Placing an assessed value yearly on ALL taxable property not exempted by the law in the township;
  • Use the state mandated formula to calculate the taxable value of all property; preparing for and handling all meetings and tax tribunal hearings dealing with assessments;
  • Prepare all reports necessary for County and State Equalization;
  • Administer the Principal Residence Exemption program for property in the township; and
  • Administer the Property Transfer Affidavit Procedure as required by state law.

Property Transfer Affidavits

This form must be filed whenever real estate or some types of personal property are transferred (even if you are not recording a deed).  It is used by the Assessor to ensure the property is assessed properly and receives the correct taxable value.  It must be filed by the new owner with the Assessor's office within 45 days of transfer.  If it is not filed timely, a penalty of $5/day (maximum $200) may apply.  The information on this form is NOT CONFIDENTIAL.

PDF Icon Property Transfer Affidavit

Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)

The Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption exempts a property from a portion of the summer tax bill; it has no impact on the winter tax bill.  In order to claim the Principal Residence Exemption, an affidavit must be filed with the local Assessor. If you own and occupy a home by June 1st of the current taxing year, you may be entitled to receive all or a portion of the Principal Residence Exemption in the current taxing year.  If the property status was previously not exempt and you own and occupy the home after June 1st, the exemption will be granted in the following year. 

PDF Icon Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit

Request to Rescind Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption

This form enables people who are selling or converting their home to another use to rescind their exemption.  It also enables people to change the percentage that they occupy as their principal residence.  You are required to rescind a Principal Residence Exemption when you no longer own and occupy the property as your principal residence.  This exemption will be removed December 31st of the year you rescind the exemption.  

PDF Icon Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption

Any changes requested by property owners to split, combine or realign property lines on their property is administered through this office to assure compliance with the State's land division act and the township's Land Division Odinance. The guidelines and forms necessary to process these changes can be obtained at the Assessor’s office of the township or downloaded from this web site.

The duty of this office is to not only serve the township citizens but also administer and follow Sate law and township ordinances. Feel free to contact the office if you have any questions.

The Assessing Department’s property records are available for public inspection every Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Additionally, record cards can be accessed and printed free of charge via the BS&A Software link below:

Address Changes

We are receiving many tax bills back due to wrong addresses. If you have moved please, notify the Assessors Office with the new mailing address. Some of the reasons we receive mail back include expired forwarding orders, moved left no forwarding address, post office box has expired, no mail receptacle and house is vacant.

Failure to receive your bill will not excuse any penalty incurred. Any time you make a change of address, for any reason, it is your responsibility to contact the Assessors office to ensure proper and timely delivery of your tax and assessment notices. Please Call  810-987-6600  and ask for the Assessors Assistant.

Forms & Documents

PDF Icon Application For Address
PDF Icon Lot Change Application
PDF Icon Poverty Exemption Application
PDF Icon Poverty Exemption Resolution 2021-2-1
PDF Icon Requirement for Land Division Approval


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