Yard Waste Pickup

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Yard Waste Pickup
Yard waste pickup in the Township will begin on April 1, 2024.  To ensure pickup, please be sure to have your yard waste out by 7:00 am the morning of pickup.  Yard waste materials include grass clippings, leaves, weeds, purnings, garden and fruit waste, incidental dirt from edging and planting, small sticks, and branches up to 4 ft in length and 4 inches in diameter.  Bundle brush and branches that are 4 inches in diameter or less in 3 - 4 foot long bundles with string.  Please ensure bundles weigh less than 50 lbs, and are no larger than 18 inches around.  Yard waste mixed with rubbish cannot be collected.

Prohibited Materials:
Waste Management cannot accept branches over 4 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter, stumps, shrubs with root balls and dirt, large quantites of dirt, sand, gravel, pet waste, plastic bags with yard waste etc.
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